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Marine Maintenance and Repair Washington IL

Marine Maintenance and Repair Washington IL

While engine problems are a common reason for the need to schedule boat repairs, the engine is not in all cases the cause of boat performance problems. Sometimes a worn, older boat body can cause some issues. Practically all vessels will take on some water. It’s the job of the bilge pump to remove this excess water from the boat to maintain safe and smooth function.

If the bilge pump starts to malfunction or your boat suddenly takes on a lot of water which you are not able to clear promptly, you need repairs fast. Sometimes rocks, underwater debris and other objects can damage a vessel and impede it’s handling and performance.

Problems Starting the Boat

Imagine taking part in a fishing competition or preparing for a day with friends and family on the water only to find that you boat cannot start – even after multiple attempts. What should be an enjoyable day can take a sudden turn for the worse.

Various issues can lead to starter problems for boats, such as:

-Out of fuel. (This happens to most all boaters at one time or another.)
-Faulty switch.
-Battery is drained.
-Problems with the fuel line.
-The propeller is jammed or bent.
-Dirty or corroded ignition points or faulty wiring.

You can first try checking out the above signs and correct them to see if that restores reliable starting. We recommend getting in touch with our shop if your boat will not start after initially checking the fuel levels and wirings.

Along with the warning signs that listed above, keep reading to learn more
indications that your boat needs professional repair services right away:

-The drive belt is broken.
-Inadequate or total loss of engine power.
-Unusually strong vibrations.
-The boat noticeably leans to the side.
-Fault or spark in electrical parts or connection.