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single-stop solution for professional, reliable boat repairs

We’re your single-stop solution for professional, reliable boat repairs. Regardless of how long you’ve had your boat, there are some common signs that indicate the need to schedule service right away including:

  • Problems with the steering. Naturally, this is a clear warning of a boat that needs repairs immediately. It may be you’re unable to turn the wheel at all or the vessel simply doesn’t respond to steering. In any case, it’s something you’ll want to address before you go out on the water again. For starters, the issue could be something basic like lack of hydraulic fluid or a leak in the steering system’s fuel lines. Other possible causes could be mechanical failure, a loose connection or a malfunction with the cable system that controls the steering.
  • Engine overheating. Many boats utilize the water to cool the engine with a pump rather than a radiator like other vehicles do. But if a component of the boat’s cooling loop starts to fail, the engine temperature will rise and eventually lead to overheating. While debris causing an obstruction can sometimes be the cause, the issue could also be more significant. For instance, there may be a broken drive belt, a loose clamp, a broken impeller or corrosion of key components. Or, it may just be time to replace an old engine.

If you’re having overheating problems with your boat’s engine, it’s a sure sign that you’ll need professional service. Because an overheated engine can be hazardous, it’s best to get it in for repair as soon as you can.

Loss of power. Although there are times when this can simply be attributed to running out of fuel (it happens to most any boater at one time or another) it can also be a sign you have a problem that calls for repairs ASAP. Limited or total power loss might be due a problem with the filters, which may need to be replaced or at least cleaned of accumulated debris. Or, there may be a spark plug problem, too.

Regardless of what’s causing your boat to perform at less than its best, we’ll diagnose the problem and get it fixed for you promptly.

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