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full winterization services

full winterization services

Winterization and Storage Solutions

As the seasons change, the last thing you want is to leave your valuable powersports equipment out in the cold. At Countryside Powersports in Peoria, IL, we understand the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and offer comprehensive winterization and storage solutions. Whether it’s a jet ski or a boat, we have the facilities and expertise to keep your equipment safe and well-maintained.

Indoor Storage at Countryside Powersports

Our Peoria facility boasts a spacious 12,000 square foot area designed for indoor storage, ensuring your equipment is shielded from harsh weather conditions. Indoor storage is ideal for smaller vehicles like jet skis, which can be housed for the winter season at a competitive rate of $300. This service not only frees up space in your garage but also protects your investment from the elements.

Outdoor Storage Options

For those who may need it, we also offer outdoor storage solutions at our Pekin facility. This option is perfect for larger boats that may not require the shelter of indoor storage but still need a secure location to reside during the off-season.

Full Trailer Repair Services

At Countryside Powersports, we go beyond just storage. We understand that the off-season is the perfect time for maintenance. That’s why we offer full trailer repair services, including tire, suspension, and brake work. What’s more, customers who choose us for storage receive these services at a discounted rate. You can have peace of mind knowing that your boat or trailer is being cared for by professionals without the hassle of transportation, as we handle all the logistics.

Comprehensive Boating Services

We strive to be your one-stop shop for all boating needs. Alongside our storage and repair services, we provide winterization to prepare your boat for the colder months. Our team of experts will ensure that your boat is ready to go as soon as the weather turns warm. Additionally, for those who cannot transport their boats themselves, we offer convenient pick-up and delivery services.

Why Choose Countryside Powersports?

  • Expert Care: Our experienced staff are passionate about powersports and provide top-notch service.
  • Convenience: With indoor and outdoor storage options, full maintenance services, and pick-up and delivery, we make it easy to care for your equipment.
  • Affordability: Competitive pricing on all services, with special discounts for storage customers.

Don’t let the winter weather beat your recreational investments. Call Countryside Powersports today at (309) 253-0067, or message us for rates and more information on how we can serve you this season. Protect your gear the right way with Countryside Powersports!

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