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when it’s time to bring it to Countryside Powersports

Getting familiar with the various components of your boat or jet ski trailer can help you recognize when it needs some extra attention and when it’s time to bring it to Countryside Powersports for professional repair. After you unload your boat (or watercraft) and park your trailer, it’s a good idea to do a walk around to check for any signs of a problem. However, we recommend bringing your trailer to our shop for a thorough inspection at least once yearly.


Trailers have a frame, suspension, at least one axle, bearings, tires and brakes. Choosing quality frame materials and brakes for your trailer is essential.

Safety chains or cables. Check for any signs of rust and take a close look at the chain links or the cables for any cracks, bends or flaws. Chains or cables can hook to the towing vehicle in different ways. Confirm the fastening mechanism is in proper working order.

Winch. Periodically inspect for any damage to the strap. Also regularly lubricate the winch gears and make the hook is in adequate condition.

Axles. Trailer axles are usually durable, but striking one too many potholes or road debris can do damage to the frame and knock the wheels out of alignment. If your trailer tires are showing uneven wear, it could be due to an issue with the axles. Our mechanics can the suspension and mounting bolts and confirm your trailer’s alignment is correct.

Bearings and tires. This is a category that accounts for a lot of trailer-related problems, so it’s helpful to carry a tire pressure gauge and ensure your trailer’s bearings are sufficiently greased to prevent common issues.

Trailer tire can result from prolonged time in storage, excessive heat or low inflation. A combination of those can lead to sidewall or tread failure.

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