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storage options services

storage options services

Expert Storage and Repair Services at Countryside Powersports

Welcome to Countryside Powersports, your ultimate destination for storage and repair solutions in Peoria, IL. Whether you need a secure place for your jet ski during the off-season or comprehensive trailer repair, our facilities and services are designed to meet all your powersports needs with ease and efficiency.

Secure Storage Solutions

At Countryside Powersports, we understand the value of your recreational vehicles and the space they occupy. Our indoor storage facility spans 12,000 square feet, providing ample room to safeguard your equipment from the elements. Located conveniently in Peoria, IL, we offer both indoor and outdoor storage options to accommodate every type of vehicle, from jet skis to large boats.

Indoor Convenience

Are you tired of your jet ski taking up valuable space in your garage, or worse, sitting unprotected outdoors? For just $300, you can store your jet ski inside our secure facility throughout the winter. This keeps it safe and out of the way until the warmer weather returns.

Outdoor Flexibility

Our Pekin facility offers extensive outdoor storage options. This is perfect for boat owners looking for affordable and secure alternatives. Our outdoor spaces are ideal for larger boats that may not fit indoors or for customers looking for a budget-friendly solution.

Comprehensive Trailer Repair Services

Why not take advantage of our trailer repair services while your vehicle is in storage? Countryside Powersports offers a full range of trailer repair services including tire, suspension, and brake work. What’s more, we provide these services at a discounted rate for our storage customers. There’s no need to haul your trailer elsewhere; we can handle all the repairs right at our facility.

Hassle-Free Maintenance and Repairs

Our one-stop shop also provides winterization, mechanical repairs, and routine maintenance for boats of all sizes. With options for pick-up and delivery available, maintaining your boat has never been more convenient.

Contact Us Today

Don’t let another season pass by without taking advantage of the best storage and repair services in Peoria. Contact Countryside Powersports at (309) 253-0067 to learn more about our rates and services, or to schedule a pick-up. Our team is here to help you enjoy a hassle-free boating experience with top-notch care for your vehicles. Remember, whether it’s a jet ski, boat, or trailer, we have the perfect solution waiting for you.

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