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Jet Ski Repair

Jet Ski Repair

mechanical problems can put a serious damper on your plans

A jet ski that has mechanical problems can put a serious damper on your plans when you’re about to start a weekend on the waters of the Illinois River.

Knowing the cause behind a lot of the more common jet ski issues can be helpful so you’ll know when to bring yours to our full-service facility. The team at Countryside Powersports is ready to help you with any necessary repairs or maintenance for your jet ski. Call or reach us online for problems like:

The jet ski won’t start. A weak battery is often the reason why a jet ski has difficulty starting. There may simply not be sufficient voltage in the battery to turn on the engine. We can recharge the battery or, if necessary, replace it for you with new, efficient battery. In either case, we’ll get your jet ski up running reliably again.

Misfiring engine. The possible causes of this mechanical problem can include:

  • The spark plugs are worn out or defective or there’s water in the plugs.
  • The fuel is old or contaminated with water.
  • The ignition coil is faulty.
  • The injectors are clogged.

Our watercraft mechanics are experienced in engine maintenance and can resolve any of these issues to restore proper engine function.

Water leaks. Avoid using a jet ski with a leak because you could risk causing more damage to it. While riding across fairly deep water, a leak could quickly get worse, fill the entire machine and even cause it to sink. An internal problem could be causing your jet ski to fill with water such as:

  • Faulty seal over the main shaft.
  • Compression fittings are loose.
  • Drain plugs don’t fit correctly.

Professional and Courteous Jet Ski Repair
Don’t let mechanical problems stop you from using your jet ski! Call Countryside Powersports at 309-253-0067 or request an appointment online.

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