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Jet Ski Maintenance Washington IL

Jet Ski Maintenance Washington IL

Need expert maintenance so your jet ski is ready to provide consistent performance on the water this year? Schedule service by the experienced mechanics at Countryside Powersports. We’ll do a comprehensive tune-up that ensures your personal watercraft is in peak shape. Maintenance also gives us a chance to identify and resolve any minor problems so they don’t get worse.

If you want your jet ski to last for a long time, cleaning it on a regular basis is very helpful. Even after you’ve been jet skiing on freshwater, it’s still important to clean the unit thoroughly. Here are some general steps for cleaning a jet ski or other type of personal watercraft:

-Take out as many accessories as you can, open the hood, glove boxes and storage areas and any removable seats. This enables you access as much of the watercraft as possible to better clean every crevice.
-Remove any bung plugs. This allows any water on the craft or in any compartments to drain out efficiently. Any dirt and debris that’s in the jet ski can drain out faster when these plugs are open. After every two or three rides, it’s even a smart idea to remove the plugs for maximum drainage.
-Chock the trailer wheels. Put a crate underneath the jockey wheel to raise the front of the jet ski in a way that maximizes drainage.

After you finish cleaning the body of the craft, remember to clean around and under accessories like seats and tub. This helps to clean off sand or other debris that will often accumulate in those areas. Spend some additional time on cleaning the area surrounding the pump in the back and by the intake, because debris can easily build-up there and contribute to corrosion.