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Inboard Boat Repair Washington IL

Inboard Boat Repair Washington IL

A faulty electrical connection is a common cause of boat engine problems. Since boats obviously spend much of their time on water, there is a likely chance that the electrical components on yours are going to be in contact with water at one point or another. Over time, those components can begin to corrode and cause the electrical connections to fail.

This can then cause anything electrical on your boat to cease functioning. What if your boat’s electricity begins to flicker as you’re using it? It may be a sign that you need a mechanic to look at the connections to see if corrosion is taking place.

Other reasons to bring your boat to Countryside Powersports for repair include:

-Drive belt breaks. When this happens there’s typically no loud sound or obvious immediate problem. But soon, you’ll likely notice that your boat’s engine is overheating, and the voltage meter will indicate that the alternator is not charging. Without a functioning drive belt, your water pump and alternator will not work.

As a helpful general guideline, it’s a smart practice for boaters to carry an extra drive belt and the right tools to change it. Consistent inspection, dressing and tightening the belt can help avoid unexpected breaks when your on the water and need your boat to run without problems. Make sure that there is no corrosion forming on the contact surfaces of the pulleys, which can create rough patches that will quickly compromise a new drive belt.

-Unusual odors. It’s natural for boats that spend lots of time on the water to acquire odors now and then. But if you observe that the interior of your craft smells of mold, that might be a warning sign that that leaks are occurring.