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Boat Mechanic Washington IL

Tips on Keeping Your Boat Free of Mold and Mildew

Because they spend so much time in water, boats are exposed to moisture in practically all areas from their exterior to the deck and even the interior seating in some cases. Enclosed areas on a boat can also trap water, so when temperatures and humidity rise, it creates an environment where mold starts to form and eventually spread.

Unfortunately, after mold begins to grow on a boat, it can be difficult to effectively eliminate it. In fact, some boat owners find they must overhaul their vessel’s interior on account of mold issues. The best way to strike back against the spread of mold and mildew on a boat is to simply prevent it from occurring in the first place. A couple prevention tips include:

-Use a boat cover. A quality cover should fit securely to prevent rainwater from getting inside of your boat. Also, the cover should be properly vented to ensure sufficient airflow. If you do apply a boat cover, be sure that you periodically inspect for water pooling on it. Moisture that collects on the cover can eventually get into your boat.

-Find and seal any leaks. Prevention is critical. A good strategy for preventing mold and mildew problems is to search for any leaks on your boat and then seal them up as soon as you find them. Take some time to check all of the seals around the vessel and on the deck to ensure they’re all intact and not allowing water to get in. Look at the hardware as well because sometimes these features can become loose or weakened over time and allow water in.

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