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Boat Maintenance Washington IL

Boat Maintenance Washington IL

Is your boat ready to perform dependably this summer season? Has it been a long time since it received maintenance by a professional boat mechanic? Call Countryside Powersports to learn more about our maintenance services and how we can ensure your boat remains in the best possible condition.

Bringing your vessel to our full-service shop for some regularly scheduled preventive maintenance will help to prolong your boat’s life as well as ensure that your passengers always have an enjoyable, safe experience on the water. While maintenance can vary according to the type and age of your boat, the following standard steps are recommended to be sure it remains in reliable condition:

-Change the motor oil once each season at least. (Consult with your boat owner’s manual to find the manufacturer’s oil change suggestions.)
-Before taking your boat on the water, take a few minutes to inspect the hoses and belts. Our mechanics can replace any which are torn or showing signs of wear. -Check all the oil and fluid levels, and the condition of the battery before each use.
-Look for signs of corrosion. Take preventative steps before they get worse.
-Check and schedule service for your boat’s transmission in compliance with the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Note that it’s essential to always install marine, manufacturer-approved parts rather than automotive parts for your boat! Also, ensure that you store your boat in a secure and dry location that does not receive direct sunlight.

-Inspect any fittings that go through the hull, such as the engine-cooling intakes. An opening or leak could raise the possibility of sinking your boat. Ensure the hull and decks receive regular waxing and cleaning. This will promote superior fuel efficiency and a much longer service life for your boat.