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UTV Repair Peoria IL

UTV Repair Peoria IL

Following a regular maintenance schedule and getting repairs when you notice a problem is critical for ensuring reliable performance from your UTV. Know these signs and schedule UTV Repair Peoria IL to avoid a breakdown:

-Low air pressure or excessive wear on the tires. Riding on challenging terrain can take a toll on your tires, which makes correct tire pressure important. Check the pressure regularly. If you’re filling up one or two tires more often than the others, you may have a slow leak.

Also, regularly check out the treads. Look for excessive wear and any objects stuck in the tire. Worn treads or cracks on the sidewall indicate you’re probably due for new tires.

-Coolant leaks. You can normally tell if your vehicle is leaking coolant by the telltale spots on the ground beneath it – although not in every case. Take note of how frequently you need to top off the coolant. If it has not been changed for a year or two, schedule a service appointment with our UTV Repair Peoria IL for service.

-Belts are worn. If you ride your UTV frequently, the continuously variable transmission belt may be starting to wear down. These belts can incur stretching and heat damage, so you’ll want to check their condition often. Signs of damage are loss of tension or belt slippage, for example.

-Weak battery. A battery that doesn’t receive basic maintenance increases your vehicle’s risk of a breakdown. Do you take the battery out of your vehicle and store it for the offseason? It will probably not be as fresh and could have difficulty functioning at top efficiency if not.

A UTV Repair Peoria IL mechanic at Countryside can inspect your vehicle and recommend if your battery is due for replacement.