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UTV Repair Morton IL

UTV Repair Morton IL

If your Utility Terrain Vehicle needs any kind of repairs, don’t hesitate to give Countryside Powersports a call for professional service. From a routine oil change to major engine repairs, our UTV Repair Morton IL team can fix your ride promptly so you can get back to enjoying the trails.

In between service appointments at our facility in nearby Peoria, the following maintenance steps can help your UTV run smoothly:

-A walk-around. Make a regular walk-around your top priority when it comes to taking care of your UTV. A brief inspection can be an effective prevention tool that extends the lifespan of your machine. Examine high-wear components like fittings, bearings and joints. Lastly, check for any debris stuck in the machine or the tires.

-Cleaning your vehicle. Naturally, riding rural trails means getting dirty. Be sure to clean mud and dirt from your vehicle on a consistent basis as part of preventive maintenance. Grime and dirt can wear down components like seals, bearings and drivetrains. We also suggest cleaning off any brush in and near the skid plate. (The protective covering underneath the UTV.)

This might require removing the skid plate to look under it, according to the make and model of your ride.

-Clean the radiator and air filter. If you have access to an air compressor, use it to clean out the filter and radiator. Regardless of whether the hours on your UTV are not at the recommended time yet to change out the filter, it is still beneficial to examine and clean it periodically. Your UTV won’t operate as efficiently if it’s running with a clogged radiator or dirty air filter.

For all your UTV Repair Morton IL needs count on the team at Countryside Powersports! Call 309-253-0067 today.