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UTV Repair East Peoria IL

UTV Repair East Peoria IL

Is your utility terrain vehicle ready to ride the trails without any issues next season? Schedule UTV Repair East Peoria IL at our shop if your vehicle has:

-Brake fluid is low, or brakes are getting worn. Brake pads that were installed more than 4 or 5 years ago are probably in need of replacement, regardless of whether you are experiencing any braking problems yet. Ensure that brake fluid remains topped off and check that the brake fluid cap stays sealed securely if you ride your vehicle through water.

Excess water in the brake lines risks diminishing braking power.

-Old fuel. Before starting up your UTV for the first time after taking it out of storage, give the fuel tank the “smell test.” If the fuel has gone bad, a UTV Repair East Peoria IL technician at Countryside can flush the system for you.

-Wiring is loose. Riding on rough, bumpy trails can jostle the wiring on your UTV. Take a look at the wiring harnesses to see if any wires are getting too loose. It may be time for our mechanics to confirm the electrical components are properly functioning.

-Smoke from the exhaust. White smoke emanating from the exhaust typically means the piston rings are worn out. When that occurs, engine oil seeps into the cylinder, which is what causes those telltale puffs of white smoke. UTV Repair East Peoria IL can fix this issue for you.

-Trouble with the clutch and engine. If something seems wrong with the engine, let our mechanics do an inspection. If the engine frequently cuts out it could be an obstructed air filter or an incorrect mix of fuel and oxygen.

Strange sounds may also alert you to engine trouble. When your UTV is running optimally, the engine will vibrate and hum smoothly. Even though they are very durable, riding over rugged trails will eventually result in wear and tear on important engine components.