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Jet Ski Maintenance Peoria IL

Jet Ski Maintenance Peoria IL

The mechanics at Countryside Powersports can perform thorough maintenance services that ensure your jet ski is ready to go for the summer season. Although the upkeep requirements can vary according to the age and model of the watercraft, some typical maintenance steps include:

-Replacement of the fuel lines. In the event of engine failure or poor performance, this particular part may sometimes get overlooked. A deteriorating fuel line can leave behind debris that obstructs the carburetor. Consequently, that can cause inefficient, slower engine performance. There is no single-size-fits-all for ocean or lake jet ski items.

Installation of a fuel line restrictor in between to carburetor and fuel tank can help improve throttle response. Using a quality fuel stabilizer to ensure your fuel system continually operates at optimal performance can avoid the need for repairs to the unit’s fuel system, too.

-Replacement of the jet pump. This essential component is usually located on the bottom of the jets. The pumps have an impeller which serves as the vital step in accelerating the water pressure prior to discharging out the rear nozzle of the jet ski unit. This provides more engine control and increases performance. A sign that the jet pump is wearing out can include vibrations when the watercraft unit is idling.

Some owners, as part of their jet ski maintenance routine, include a rebuild of the jet pump every four or five years. Constant debris that continually chips away at the vital components of the jet pump can eventually have a negative impact on the engine’s performance. Routine maintenance of the pump system is a procedure that watercraft mechanics typically recommend as part of a winterizing procedure.

For maintenance that keeps your jet ski in peak condition count on Countryside Powersports!