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Inboard Boat Repair Peoria IL

Inboard Boat Repair Peoria IL

There are a lot of perks to owning a boat. Still, it doesn’t mean it’s all about spending your time relaxing on the open water. It also comes with a big responsibility to others, particularly when it comes to maintaining your boat. When you identify a minor problem before it becomes a bigger one, it can help save money, time, and the hassles of getting stranded on the water in the event your vessel breaks down.

One of the first warning signs is when there’s a steering problem. Whether you’re feeling more resistance suddenly or your wheel simply will not turn at all, if you notice an abrupt change in your steering, it calls for attention ASAP. In some situations, the fix is as basic as adding some hydraulic fluid. But if you do so and the steering problem continues, it could be a sign the hydraulic fuel lines are leaking.

No matter what the cause could be, you’ll definitely want to have our mechanics service your boat if you experience problems with the steering. An overheating engine is another common reason why our customers brings their boats to us for repair solutions. In a typical motor vehicle, a radiator cools the engine. But boats can use the water all around them to cool keep the engine temperature stable.

If that cooling loop starts to fail, it can cause your engine’s temperature to rise rapidly. Eventually, overheating is the result. This can be due to something fairly simple such as debris obstructing the water loop. Or it can also mean there’s a broken drive belt, broken hose, a loose clamp, a broken impeller, or perhaps even an engine that’s at the end of its service life.

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