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Boat Maintenance Peoria IL

Boat Maintenance Peoria IL

As a boat owner, you’ll no doubt want to do everything you can to be sure your vessel stays in pristine shape. The best way to accomplish that is through routine, professional maintenance by the experienced mechanics at Countryside Powersports. Regular maintenance is what keeps your boat performing at maximum power, speed, and fuel efficiency. Regardless of which type of boat you have, a poorly maintained one won’t look very good or last for long.

Engine Upkeep
Whether your boat is equipped with an outboard, inboard or stern drive motor, you’ll still want to be that it receives regular care. For instance, a boat mechanic can confirm proper function of the internal combustion and that the oil is a consistency appropriate to your boat. It’s critical to ensure that the oil remains clear and not contaminated with debris like metal shavings.

If you spot debris floating around in the engine oil, it could warn of a larger problem that you’ll want to have addressed right away. Generally, it is recommended that you change the oil every 100 hours of operation. Remember to check your oil prior to each use and top it off as necessary.

Propeller Inspections
If your boat is powered by a sterndrive or an outboard engine, you must maintain the propeller consistently. A propeller has a direct impact on the fuel economy, acceleration and the general lifespan of the engine. Als, it can make a difference to your comfort and safety as you operate your boat.

We recommend that boat owners address any concerns about their propeller as soon as they notice them. If you choose to take your boat out with a faulty propeller, you’ll risk causing additional damage. Talk to the experts at Countryside Powersports about our maintenance services that ensure your boat remains at peak efficiency.