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Marine Maintenance and Repair Morton IL

Marine Maintenance and Repair Morton IL

Electrical failures are among the most commonly experienced problems with boats of practically any make, size and model. Electrical equipment is vulnerable to damage, and when you consider the fact that it’s used on watercraft, you can anticipate some problems eventually. Water can cause corrosion of electrical components and result in flickering or complete malfunction. Some of these issues are relatively minor, such as your audio system not working, yet there can more significant circumstances.

GPS equipment and safety features, for example, might depend on electricity. Those are critical reasons why it’s important to maintain your electrical equipment.

-Damages to the rubrails. Not surprisingly, the rubrail is frequently the initial contact point between your vessel and other objects. Also, it connects your boat’s deck with the hull, so it’s important that rubrail is protected because it often wears down.

If you’ve been involved in any type of collision on the water it’s likely that you’ll some signs of damage on the rubrail. Fortunately, though, rubrails are a component that our mechanics can replace or repair for you and it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s damage to your boat’s steering.

-Difficulty steering. Have you noticed your wheel doesn’t turn the way it should? Does it feel like it’s resisting more than normal? Without a doubt, steering problems should be resolved promptly.

The ability to safely steer your boat is essential for safe operations on the water and in marina facilities. A steering wheel that’s faulty could indicate a bigger problem, too, like engine failure or faulty steering cables. It may be possible to solve it by adding more hydraulic fluid. But if doesn’t make a difference, bring your boat to our shop so we can check if you have a leaking hydraulic fuel line.