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Jet Ski Maintenance Morton IL

Jet Ski Maintenance Morton IL

There’s no denying that jet skiing is a great way to enjoy spending time on the water with your friends and family during the summer season. Compared to boating, a jet ski is relatively easy to launch from storage without the need for lengthy preparations and they are also easily transported. They do, however, need consistent maintenance to avoid problems and extend their longevity.

Here are a few maintenance tips to help get you started:

-Read the owner’s manual. Whatever model or make jet ski you own, always refer to the owner’s manual for information on specific items you will need and precise procedures to follow.

-Maintain fluid levels. There are some older model jet skis that have a two-stroke engine, meaning that they typically need a premix of fuel and oil. Newer models have four-stroke engines that don’t need a mixed solution because they have separate oil and fuel compartments. When you first bring your watercraft out of storage, remember to evaluate the fuel correctly. If you stored it with fuel still in the engine and did not add fuel stabilizer, be sure to add some before starting the jet ski.

-Dispose old fuel. If there is fuel remaining in the jet ski, properly dispose of it. Do not dispose the fuel in the garbage or in any body of water like storm drains, sewers or streams.

-Inspect for loose or faulty parts. Prior to starting your jet ski, you will want to check the wires, trim and throttle cables. Look for any parts that are broken or corroded and replace them if you spot extensive wear. Don’t start it up if you smell fuel, which could indicate a leak or a problem with the fuel tank.

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