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Inboard Boat Repair Morton IL

Inboard Boat Repair Morton IL

There’s no more frustrating feeling for boat owners than when something goes wrong when you’re on the water. It can quickly cause an enjoyable outing to become an unpleasant one. But it doesn’t need to go that way! Many problems can be resolved or avoided in the first place with preventive maintenance and expert service from Countryside Powersports. See us your service if:

-Your boat’s check engine light goes on. Just as it calls for attention when it lights up in a car, the check engine warning is something that should not be ignored for too long. A common cause of this warning is when the engine overheats, which often relates to an issue with the cooling system. It can be caused by a range of other reasons, too, yet among the most common for boats is when debris clogs up the sea strainer. A cracked hose or compromised water impeller are also possible suspects.

All of these issues can be addressed by our boat mechanics and can prevent the risk of engine damage.

-Excessive vibrations. Another common sign that a boat is in need of professional service is when you feel strong vibrations coming off of the vessel. Vibrations are a sign that either something is out of proper alignment or damage has occurred at some point. A propeller issue or inboard engine problem are some of the more common factors that cause vibrations. Damage to the struts under the boat are also a possible cause.

Due to wear and age, older boats sometimes tend to vibrate more. A good way to determine if your boat has some damage or if it is simply showing signs of wear is to have our experienced mechanics perform an inspection for you. Schedule boat repair at Countrywide Powersports online or call us at 309-253-0067.