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Boat Repair Near Me Morton IL

Boat Repair Near Me Morton IL

Body damage and water leaks are among the most common problems with boats. All vessels will take on some amount of water, naturally, but the bilge pump usually expels it. If you notice that your boat is taking on a lot of water lately without expelling it adequately, bring it to Countryside Powersports for professional boat repair.

This could be occurring because of a gap or some other damage caused by rocks and underwater debris. Another possibility could be a broken or burst hose in either the cooling system or the exhaust.

These types of water leaks can cause significant problems for your engine and even lead to a loss of power. Based upon the intensity of the water leak and how much water you see rising in your vessel, it can even put it at risk of sinking.

A noticeable increase in vibration is another sign of the need for repair. Some relatively minor vibration from the propeller and the engine is normal. But what is not normal, however, is when the vibrations are that continually intensify as you increase speed. Usually, this issue is related to the propeller. If the blades have some damage it will lead to problems with the balance and, in turn, cause the vibrations you’re noticing.

Some of the factors that can cause an imbalance are when fishing line, rope or other debris tangles in the propeller. Damage can also occur if the prop strikes something that bends or breaks it.

Since this kind of damage is not always visible, it’s in the interest of safety to have a boat mechanic inspect it to see precisely what is causing the propeller imbalance.

If this issue is not resolved promptly, it can result in serious and lasting damage to the boat.