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Jet Ski Maintenance East Peoria IL

Jet Ski Maintenance East Peoria IL

At Countryside Powersports, our capable mechanics can repair any problems you’re experiencing with your jet ski at affordable prices so you can get back out on the water and back to enjoying the season. We also provide professional maintenance that will prolong the lifespan of your personal watercraft and prevent major problems. A couple maintenance tips that will help keep your jet ski in good condition are:

-Thorough cleaning. Your jet ski is exposed to the elements every time you take it on the waters. Remember to wipe off the seat and the windshield to prevent stains and corrosion. Cleaning of the body of the jet ski is critical for extending the lifespan of your investment.

-Change the battery. With many different types of vehicles, the battery is sometimes overlooked as a possible source of performance problems. Car owners, for instance, often do not check their battery’s condition unless the engine will not turn over to start up. Diagnosing a jet ski battery often runs into the same situation. A battery can steadily lose its charge when it is left in the cold for too long.

Removing the battery is often advised as one way of helping to winterize a personal watercraft. In addition, it’s smart to store batteries in a garage or other location that protects it against harsh wind and cold temperatures. There are smart chargers on the market that help batteries retain correct usage levels in the offseason. Our knowledgeable watercraft mechanics can recommend one that’s ideal for your needs.

For additional protection, it’s beneficial to cover the battery terminals with a piece of rubber (or even with cardboard) to prevent arcing and help the unit maintain its consistency during long periods when the jet ski is not being used. A reliable battery charger serves to ensure the unit is always ready to go when the time comes to take the watercraft out of the garage for the season.