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Inboard Boat Repair East Peoria IL

Inboard Boat Repair East Peoria IL

There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment of pushing your new boat to full throttle and gliding across the water on a pleasant day. Alternatively, though, if you try to accelerate your boat and there’s no response from the engine, or the power sputters, it’s very frustrating. The first factor to consider when your power begins to fade is fuel. Running out of fuel happens even to very experienced boaters.

But if your gauge indicates full and your boat still sputters or loses power completely, you probably require boat repair. You might need to clean or replace the filters, replace the spark plugs, or there might be an electrical issue. The mechanics at Countryside Powersports can diagnose the problems with your boat’s engine and fix them for you at competitive prices!

Boat Won’t Start? Bring It In the Countryside Powersports for Expert Repairs!

There are some steps you can attempt on your own when your boat will not start. Perhaps you forgot to disengage the boat’s safety features, or you’re not properly following the correct starting sequence. If the boat still does not start, confirm that you have sufficient fuel. Inspect the battery, too, and ensure the engine is properly primed.

Any issue that is more serious than these will probably require some time to effectively repair and will probably call for a trained boat mechanic. Leaks are another commonly experienced problem with boats. They all, naturally, take on some water, which is why your boat has a bilge pump. But if the water level is rising fast, it’s a sign you need boat repair.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to taking on water is that there could be a crack or gap somewhere upon the hull. Usually, this is caused by damage from hitting rocks or debris underwater.