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Boat Mechanic East Peoria IL

Boat Mechanic East Peoria IL

Need boat repairs? Here are a few signs that your vessel needs service from a boat mechanic at Countryside Powersports:

-Engine has low power. If your boat’s engine is running noticeably slower or lacks power, have our mechanics diagnose the problem. There might be something wrong with the ignition system, fuel lines or something else. The last scenario you want when we’re out on the water is for your engine to malfunction. It’s best to bring your boat to our full-service facility for assistance.

-Recurring breakdowns or engine has difficulty starting. Engine starting issues tend to be far more common in colder weather, yet if you’re having troubles starting your vessel’s engine, it’s a signal that something is not right. Check the battery to determine if it needs replacement. This is frequently the cause of starting problems. If the battery is okay, there might be a problem with spark plugs or the electrical system.

In some cases, a boat that refuses to start up might just be due to an operator error. If the boat is still in gear, for instance, when you’re trying to start it you might mistakenly think the engine is seizing. If you nothing happens when you turn the key, check to see if your boat is in gear.

-Leaking fuel, oil or other fluids. Leaks are never a positive sign. If you notice leaks occurring, it’s very important to locate the source and bring your boat to Countryside Powersports for repairs by a boat mechanic. Some minor water leakage is not unusual for boats, particularly when starting up after being in storage for a while. But if the boat leaks a lot of water or other fluids, something needs to be repaired.

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