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ATV Upfitting Washington IL

ATV Upfitting Washington IL

Is your all-terrain vehicle ready to ride smoothly next season without any performance problems? Knowing the signs that your vehicle needs professional repair will keep you safe and prevent the risk of an engine breakdown that could leave you and your passengers stranded. Call the ATV Upfitting Washington IL and repair experts at Countryside if you notice:

-Screeching sounds. Newer utility vehicles should have a smooth and consistent vibration after the engine starts. After some use, though, the intensity of the engine sound may change according to the type of terrain you ride.

The moment you begin hearing screeching sounds as you negotiate a corner or ride over level ground, take notice. If the sound continues, be sure to bring your ATV to our shop. Our mechanics can identify what’s causing the sound and implement repairs.

-Tires showing worn treads or damage. The tires may not necessarily be in poor condition, but just a single cut is a red flag. Do not wait to replace all 4 tires at once if one or two are compromised. If you wait for the treads to wear out, you may be at risk of sliding while you’re out there on the trails.

Check your all-terrain vehicle before and after each time you use it so you can note the condition of tires.

-Transmission problems. Examine the belts to verify they are sufficiently tight and not showing any signs of fraying to avoid risk of breakage. Reduction of power and lack of speed with your vehicle is a sure sign you need to bring it in for immediate servicing at Countryside.

Our experienced service technicians can service any make and model all-terrain vehicle – don’t hesitate to contact us for professional repairs or ATV Upfitting Washington IL!