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ATV Repair Peoria IL

ATV Repair Peoria IL

Whether you utilize your 4-wheeler to complete tasks around your Illinois property or you enjoy using it for recreational endeavors, you’ll naturally want to ensure it remains in reliable condition. That begins with following a regular maintenance schedule and getting ATV Repair Peoria IL as needed.

Here are a few helpful maintenance tips you can practice to ensure your ATV stays in optimal condition:

-Tire inspection. Your tires have the important responsibility of supporting the weight of your ride. Check the pressure of each tire with a pressure gauge. If any are too low, be sure to add air so the pressure is at the manufacturer’s recommended levels.

Next, look at the condition of the tires, checking for uneven wear, cracks on the sidewalls or embedded objects. Don’t ride if there is a tire that’s compromised because even that seems like a minor problem can risk a blowout.

-Change the oil and the filters. This is a step you should do prior to every ride. Pull out the dipstick, clean it with a cloth, and then reinsert it. Remove it once again to check the level, consistency and color of the oil. If it looks dirty and opaque, it’s probably time for a full oil change. If you spot metal shavings within the oil, this indicates engine components might be grinding against each other.

Because this risks bigger problems, take your vehicle to Countryside Powersports for ATV Repair Peoria IL.

-Inspect the brakes. Since they’re so essential to safe operation, the brakes are a critical part of the maintenance routine of your ATV. Examine the brake system on a regular basis to verify the brake pads are still sufficiently thick. Also, make sure the brakes lines are properly connected. Lastly, check that the brake fluid levels are correct.

If you notice any problems or need assistance the team at Countryside is here to provide professional ATV Repair Peoria IL!