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ATV Repair Morton IL

ATV Repair Morton IL

Maintaining your four-wheeler is essential for getting the best performance from it and extending its lifespan. It’s also important to bring your vehicle in for ATV Repair Morton IL at our full-service facility when you spot something wrong. Some of the fundamental steps you can take to ensure your ATV stays in proper condition include:

-Proper inflation of the tires. Before going out to ride the trails, confirm that the wheels on your ATV are in working order. After all, the terrain and the weight of your vehicle and yourself are on your tires. Check tire pressure frequently so you’ll know they are always at the right pressure. Also, exam the tire tread for indications of wear.

Adjust the pressure accordingly with a compressor. When you inspect your vehicle, look for cracks on the sidewalls and areas of uneven wear. It’s a good practice to replace worn tires promptly.

-Regular oil change. Like a car or truck, if an ATV’s engine parts are not properly lubricated, they can start grinding on each other. Consult your owner’s manual for guidelines as to how frequently you should get an oil change. Every time you go out riding, take the dipstick out to see the consistency and color of the oil.

If it looks hazy and dirty, it’s due for a change. Changing the filter, too, is an important part of this procedure. Get ATV Repair Morton IL if there are any metal bits in the oil to prevent further harm.

-Treat the fuel. The gas can degrade over time and increase the risk of fuel system problems. Gas decomposition can result in blockages of vents, fuel lines and injection ports. Fortunately, treating your ATV’s gas with stabilizer products before placing it in storage for the winter can help prevent this.

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